Diversified brand "mix build" effectively


A change in the past two of a trade seldom agree, more and more retail brands begin to put far vision, seeking unity advantage into the collection store. Brand collection shop are nothing new, but under the new retail concept spread, stretched out more space. From clothing, food and beverage industry, of the old and famous until now, even online tao brand, set store business model gradually penetrated into all walks of life.

If the previous set shop more than it is to point to by polymerization of entity retail brands and stores, so the online offline gradually to the present, the collection store business model also inspired an online brand to come to test the waters. Element type life, founder and CEO, said Lin Xuebo introduce more brand effect is obvious, through diversified brand "mix build" the effect, can better improve consumer shopping rate of joint and several.

O d headquarters in the investigation of market, found a traditional situation of domestic shoes, more established the brand concept, and in the wake of the international fast fashion trend, continuous innovation, open up new markets. O d think fast fashion shoes at discount stores, has brought together more than domestic well-known brand, category covers clothing, shoes, bags, etc., many brand style and design concept, integration in a brand shop, fashion trends, mature, lovely, charming... Every consumer can be found in the d think a belongs to own.

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