Lohman qi fashion footwear for building "shoe power output


China has become the world's superpower shoe, but from the "shoe powers" target is in sight. OEM footwear industry in China is still prevalent in main mode of production, bargaining power in the international communications generally is not high, thin margins. But some companies have into industry chain upstream of strength, as represented by 361, anta, and peak of jinjiang sports brand has been abroad to become the world's most important event partner, second only to the value of the shares of Nike and adidas, shoe-making industry in the world of the third the belle shoes leading enterprises from China.

Of course, in addition to belle shoes and some new brands are in for building "shoe power output, such as lohman qi fashion footwear.

Lohman qi fashion women's shoes, in the company "to be one of the women's fashion industry standard setters" under the guidance of company's vision, to "let women have beautiful fashion" for the mission, according to provide consumers with "fashionable, quality, cost-effective" core values, constantly practice of "integrity, innovation, growth, results" concept, in the constantly forging ahead for women's shoes market competition, taking the path of "sustainable development".

Shoe money of lohman is the first choice for many white-collar female career, romantic and elegant breath, fashion and do not break charm, lohman qi acted a urban women fashion wind. Lohman qi for women's shoes brand positioning and modern women age 20 to 45 years old, employ well-known designers lead creation, Italy and Hong Kong aimed at this group of women with unique taste, both emotional and rational, tide culture, pay attention to the spiritual life, the pursue is perfect, happy to enjoy the features, combined with the latest popular element, in the new design of each season into the ingenuity and creativity, create perfect unification of quality and aesthetic, let all the women's shoes are fashionable huarong lowman, delicate soul.

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