Spike is always at the center of tide Lead the women's fashion


If the curve shape is the first sign, spike is without controversy is women's second mark. Stiletto heel as it pointed toe, always at the center of fashion, leading the women's fashion. But in the modern city, stiletto heel more is appeared in the ceremonial occasions, and not as a routine shoes, period of maler personality brand "Run&Heels", however, changed this awareness of spike.

Amy, famous Chinese luxury beauty shoes platform, its "personality brand plan" in the Chinese shoes market reputation, "Run&Heels" is one of the brand personality. Period of maler "personal brand plan" is a kind of business model, brand partners and peers on pure laid network channels to increase sales of very different business models. Period of maler personal brand as "heads", according to the aesthetic taste of every fashionistas, equipped with Europe and the United States a line of footwear designer, create light luxury beauty shoes quality in accordance with their personality characteristics, and the footwear manufacturing, logistics and after-sale will be entirely responsible for, let the Lord better play to their own fashion brand tasting specialty. Differentiation of brand management, can let every consumer in the period of Amy to find their own exclusive beautiful shoes.

"Run&Heels" brand main NINA X such evaluation period of maler "personal brand plan" : it is not only a good business model, it is a show ego, to realize "small target" stage. NINA X is a senior jinling, often in New York, London, Brussels and other cities on a business trip, travel around the world to sell store show, exercise their own fashion. She have a special liking to represent women's fashion shoes, every famous fashion week, classic high-heeled shoes become her shoe collection. In 2016, the colleague and friend's encouragement, NINA X decided to use their experience in fashion, design a can in daily wear comfortable stiletto heels, for a whole year time, she was preparing to create their own brand personality.

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