Dio mani: completely competitive market, only high quality can in the long run


Shoe industry belongs to the completely competitive market, is a typical labor-intensive industries. The late 20th century, China relies on to undertake international industrial transfer, rapid growth for the world's largest footwear producer and exporter, forming a number of specialized footwear industry base, create a batch of product quality, reliable, good market reputation, strong ability to resist risk of the brand.

Shoemaking international industrial chain has already been formed, however, developed countries dominated the style design and finished product sales to higher-margin link; Large shoe such as Asia and America can only accept orders, with labor advantage is engaged in the production of raw materials to the finished product. Although some domestic shoe companies rely on the accumulation of capital and technology, gradually from the OEM (original factory commissioning) to ODM (original design) transformation, and even a few enterprises have to upgrade to OBM (original brand) stage, but still lack of enough power in the global industrial chain.

In the brand road, only good can last long. Otherwise everything is bubble, a touch will disappear. Dio mani fashion footwear brands, in the process requirement and strictly control the quality level in the process of production, strict product quality management concept, set up independent of the production management quality guarantee system. And, dio mani every link of detailed quality management standards. From product design, process to the workshop production, and then to transporting and selling, have developed a detailed and controlled management standards.

From women's shoes to men's shoes, leather products extends to the series, dio mani the constant pursuit of the perfect products to create the high quality products, in the fashion trend trend, design research and development of the design concept of countless experience accumulated in the proud, and sensitivity to the fashion, which reveals its brand charm.

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