Online ticket sneakers into big business


Sports shoes are becoming more and more popular. Every time the city has a new running shoes on sale, shop door must be long lines, no less than the latest electronic products popular degree. The scalpers smell business opportunities, because of the fans who are interested in will definitely prefer deal or no deal, spent more than 10 times higher than the original price, or even one hundred times the price, only to have the river's lake's legendary sneakers. As a result, a secondhand shoes sell market can develop, sell those who have limited release, popular logo already on the market can't buy shoes. Speculators sell 400 pairs of shoes, used to earn money to buy a porsche.

Sneakers resale market has transformed from a hobby into an industry, because of the push of the celebrity culture and within easy reach of the Internet and social media, in the United States alone, an estimated $1.2 billion.

In the late 1980 s, shoe culture get publicity for the first time, through the urban youth, especially because the shoe's murder story, dream Nike Air whom - in 1990, sports illustrated cover story "your shoes or your life" is focused on. Although the industry is still mainly concentrated in young people, but also to the mainstream consumers - age, income level and the increasing number of consumer groups. Trainers of limited has been changed to let a person very coveted luxury, can be resold to the retail price in the secondary market for many times.

Richardson (Marc Richardson) as an online retail (Off The Hook), said: "you see people wearing sneakers more optional collocation suits, this is a kind of penetration effect. If The shoes can become more accepted by The society dress, I am willing to spend twice as much money on it."

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