LVMH group plans to resume next year to use Russian leather production of luxury handbag


LVMH brand Louis vuitton will be resumed in January next year plans to use the Russian production of leather for a unique brand of series production of bags, and such leather renamed Borodino Russie Cuir DE. When it comes to Russia's export market, people generally think of Beluga caviar directly, but their luxurious leather business has been long forgotten.

After the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1922, Russia will stop production this kind of symbol of the old regime of leather, during the 16th century to the 19th century, this kind of leather used in the production of the royalty and Western Europe and Russia troops to use leather.

The program began two years ago, LVMH strategy director Jean Baptiste - Voisin, group President Metiers d 'Art and luxury leather bags Moynat creative director Ramesh Nair a conversation. At the time, Jean Baptiste - Voisin ask Ramesh Nair in 30 years since, whether he still have what desire not completed, group hopes to lend him a helping hand to complete the desire, Ramesh Nair said want to be able to use leather leather production in Russia. Previously, identity distinguished personage status symbol is from the island of murano glass and mirrors, porcelain from Saxony and leather from Russia. Russian leather are able to have this position, because the quality of a material is very soft and very resistant to moisture.

Not long after that conversation, LVMH team began to look for books, search information related to the Russian leather, production of raw materials, production technology and so on. Team finally found a research published in the 19th century, the research project is Russia leather making process.

Jean Baptiste - Voisin is introduced, according to the Russian leather using bark and seal fat fusion for formulating a one to two years. In order to find out, go to England to purchase team members that rare Russia leather, it is said that these leather have been stored in 60 meters deep underground for 230 years. But, according to research results into production before Russia's method is very traditional, leather group's purpose is to improve the way of production and use of innovation and technology will Russia leather into the fashion industry. So, LVMH group had active grasp Russia leather production technology, you don't need to worry about suppliers, etc.

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition environment, pay more and more attention to the supplier's problem of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH), as early as 2011, LVMH acquired Singapore Heng Long leather supplier 51% of the company, the remaining 49% stake by Heng Long holding company. In 2013, the group also for brand Loro Piana, bought a 61% stake in Argentina vicuna supplier Sanin, Sanin company is rare in the world are allowed by law to obtain wild vicuna supplier.

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