Canada four universities cooperation development of 3 d printing SONAMI rejected items


Recently, a senior Canadian manufacturing and innovation network projects (hereinafter referred to as SONAMI rejected) received $7.3 million in investment, will be made by the Niagara university, university of Mohawk, Sheridan college and McMaster university joint collaboration.

It is understood that SONAMI rejected project was announced this week in Niagara university. And funding SONAMI rejected project Vance Badawey said that this project will provide advanced 3 d printing industry with about 186 high quality jobs, and deliver more than 150 proof-of-concept prototype, and 85 for commercial 3 d printing products.

In addition, SONAMI rejected project will aim to help Canada's manufacturing industry development, and help them adapt to more technology and automation manufacturing trends. As Vance Badawey puts it, "we are seeing a new era of industry". Therefore, in order to catch up with the new era, innovation and progress will be an essential step.

It is worth noting that participate in SONAMI rejected every academic institutions pay special attention to the emerging field of manufacturing. The Niagara college, for example, in around 3 d printing technology research, and the Mohawk college Ontario, with only a 3 d printing laboratory, and specializing in metal components for 3 d printing development; Sheridan college has the relevant technology of the robotics, McMaster university has mold the expertise and advanced 3 d printing materials.

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